Japandi Estate's homewares offers a curated collection of functional and adaptable furnishings prioritising longevity in its design, while bringing balance and serenity to your home.

The collections embrace the beauty of imperfection, and through the use of natural materials, create organic shapes that set the scene for warm and cozy atmospheres.

Working with Australian-owned small businesses, Steph and Gian have purposefully created a domestic ecosystem that helps people achieve the Japandi way of life.

Their first line, ‘fluidity’, is a collection that embodies each season of change to which there are four:


the summer collection, perfect for your coastal homes with its movement and pops of colour.


the autumn collection, perfect for your period homes (Victorias, Federation even Georgian) with its subtle curves and symmetry.


the winter collection, perfect for your contemporary homes with its tonal and wabi sabi details.


the spring collection, prefect for your eclectic homes with its asymmetrical and unique silhouette.