The world of design is enriched by various cultural philosophies that inspire unique approaches and create harmonious and inviting spaces. The below are the design principals that drive Steph and Gian to design and renovate as they do.

Japanese aesthetics,
encourage a balance and harmony with nature, understated elegance, and an appreciation for the subtle details. It aims to highlight the importance of mindfulness and the ability to appreciate the beauty in simple things.

a Japanese ideology, embraces the beauty of imperfection, simplicity, and authenticity. It values the asymmetry, irregularity and unique character of natural materials and textures.

Scandinavian design,
is known for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It aims to create spaces that are free from clutter and unnecessary embellishments, enabling the essential elements to take prominence amidst a neutral color palette.

a Danish concept, creating a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere. It values moments of togetherness, nurturing a feeling of contentment and happiness in everyday life.

See how Steph and Gian have integrated their values of architecture and design into the built environment below.

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